Good people do not know! The garden broke through the police head Pelican (video) txplatform

Good people do not know! "The garden" broke through the police head of high quality pet Pelican shopping guide will develop wonderful Pelican November 7th, Hunnan Public Security Bureau order brigade Deputy Captain King. He was injured at work outline, how hurt? He is well intentioned assistance two national animal protection pelicans, but the results of the forehead break. The afternoon of November 6th, Hunnan New District Public Security Bureau Public Security Deputy brigade commander Wang outline to 53 police station patrol. When the car to patrol the Shenyang freeway near Nanping Road, saw a crowd to patrol car waving. These people just picked up a big bird on the side of the road, I do not know what to do, just to see the police would like to ask the police for help. As previously seen this bird, Wang outline recognize that this is a pelican, is the two national animal protection, mainly in order to fish for food. At the beginning, the king thought outline in the migration process, the pelican left behind, but found the pelican who was not injured, but the right wings tied with a white stripe, while the left wing cloth has been loose, as if someone deliberately bundled. The king will outline the pelican hold on a police car, for fear of the flying in the car, then press the hand holding. Unexpectedly, the pelican not only Thanksgiving to the Savior, while the king does not pay attention to the outline, the open mouth toward his forehead pecked several mouth. The king of the forehead is broke through the outline. The king had to use the safety belt will outline the pelican mouth tied back to the police station, 53. Wang outline and contact the Department of security. That night, Shenyang Forest Zoo chairman Yang Tianzhu came to the police station, the pelican back to the zoo. It is understood that because of the cold weather, the zoo originally wanted to transfer to these birds indoors, the pelican left open on the wings of the cloth escaped. Animal health officials said, if not get timely relief, the pelican staying one night, I’m afraid for their lives.相关的主题文章:

Expert the property market regulation policy of a city the effect is good

Expert: the property market regulation "policy of a city" at present good results last week, the National Bureau of statistics released the economic operation of the first three quarters of 2016, the national, the first three quarters of GDP are calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 6.7%, the overall smooth running, and steady progress, stability and improving quality, better than expected. In October 24th, the relevant expert analysis in the first three quarters of the national economic data pointed out that at present the new economic development potential is very strong, "double" has played a great role in promoting. While Chinese economic development does not rely on "flood irrigation type and gradually tighten monetary policy. At present, Chinese economic development depends on whether the strong stimulation to promote the problem of economic forecasting at the state information center deputy researcher Dr. Cheng Weili pointed out that, in fact China monetary policy is tightening, "the government from the beginning not to engage in economic stimulus". Only leverage for non-financial corporate leverage although slightly higher, but China’s current capital market is not developed a great relationship, because it is mainly rely on indirect financing channels mainly in bank loans, said he, if developed capital market, direct financing ratio will further improve the leverage ratio drop. At the same time, the current government is still in the grasp of the transformation, innovation, and no monetary policy on the water". The first three quarters of the national economic development data show that this year, the role of real estate economic growth is more obvious, preliminary estimates show that the first three quarters of the contribution of real estate to economic growth rate of about 8%. A city National Day before and after the introduction of market regulation policy, the State Council pointed out that the process of power, has not issued a "blanket" policy, but stressed that the classification policy, applied strategy, policy of a city or town policy. Like Beijing, the subway line and some of the houses on the side of the larger differences, a city will not be the same." He said, plus the three or four line of the city to the inventory pressure is still quite large, so the current market regulation still emphasizes the policy of a city, where local residents responsible, see better from now.相关的主题文章:

Hainan today teach you how to identify air raid alarms ringing alarm test pigeon blood

Hainan today’s air raid alarms ringing to teach you how to distinguish the pilot sounded the alarm to further enhance public awareness of the concept of national defense and civil air defense, the test of air defense facilities intact rate of air raid siren and the ability to make people familiar with air defense warning signals according to the regulations, "the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Hainan Provincial People’s government, the Hainan military region on strengthening the work of civil air defense the decision" (Joan 2002 No. 5) and the "implementation of the" People’s Republic of China people’s air defense law, "the relevant provisions of the measures of Hainan Province, Hainan province trial in October 29th and combined with the unified organization of the air raid siren, siren to carry out air defense exercises and civil air defense propaganda. The air defense alarm is divided into three kinds: advance warning, air raid alarm and release alarm. What are the differences between the three alarms? When the alarm sounded, the public how to distinguish it? Air defense alarm trial time on October 29th (Saturday) at 10 pm, 10:30 end. The air raid siren in the range of municipalities and counties (autonomous counties), Yangpu Economic Development zone. The form of pre alarm for air defense warning: the advance warning is issued when the enemy has an indication of our air strikes, and the personnel are required to evacuate. Time 3 minutes: Naruto 36 seconds, stop for 24 seconds, repeated for the 1 cycle of 3. Air raid warning: an air raid warning is issued when the enemy is about to strike. Time 3 minutes: Naruto 6 seconds, stop for 6 seconds, repeated for the 1 cycle of 15. Allclear: allclear is distributed in air strikes or temporary relief when the war. Ringing for 3 minutes.相关的主题文章:

Ice age 5 became the world’s most popular animated series 9c8921

"Ice age 5" became the world’s most popular animated series squirrel in August 23rd, "ice age 5: interstellar collision" released in the mainland, opening two days to harvest more than 78 million 200 thousand yuan at the box office (as of 24 May 16). Currently in the world to get $316 million box office. "Ice age 5" is the end of the series, which means that the audience will be accompanied by a 14 year old ice adorable pet will say goodbye. "Ice age 5" as their adorable Pet Festival, with happy ending in the end, even the only dinosaur villain Roger is also a common crisis in the comet hit the earth soon be probation". Review of the "ice age" episode five, in addition to selling adorable animal and intensive bursting point, emotion is a constant theme in the final article, heroes have successfully solve domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Five – Glacier story line "iron triangle" reunion new character "ice age" opened the first 3D animation era Animal Adventure Movie precedent, every one of these adorable pet glaciers are new to cope with the disaster danger, eventually to threatened by growing crises, change danger into safety team way. The same is the mammoth Manny, Sid sloth, saber toothed tiger Tiago this group of "iron triangle", but each department will have a new role to join, add bursting point and freshness. The first film, mammoths, sloths and saber toothed tiger trek escort human son, the way has gone through the avalanche, famine and other untold danger. "Ice age 2" ice age is coming to an end, will cause flooding in Rongshui, saber toothed tiger and the mammoth Diego under the leadership of Manny, the animal began looking for a new home journey. One of the highlights of the second part is the mammoth Manny met female mammoth ETUDE in the journey, to fall in love. "Ice age 3" when the mammoth Manny is when Dad into anxiety, Saber Toothed Diego as his aging unexpectedly fell dejected, Sid sloth be dinosaur eggs, so mother Tyrannosaurus abducted SID, animal to save him into the ice age "world of Taoyuan". It is worth noting that, "ice age 3" is also the release of the 3D film in China in the fifth, but also the film side in twentieth Century, Fawkes’s first form of large-scale release of 3D animation. The third film in the new popular role wolf buck, it has the ability to beat the dinosaurs, the weapons used for a head of dragon’s teeth, eye shape also added a bit domineering, rather like the Oriental knight. "Ice age 4" and "3" at the end of the ice age, the sudden earthquake let the animal had to move, Manny was forced to separate their wives and daughters, Sid met his odd unexpected grandmother, and this group of fellow sufferers were a wild animal pirate block. The new role of Sid the sloth. Grandmother, black liver, white female ape pirate captain Sheila that a saber toothed tiger are impressive. As of the end of the article "ice age 5" not only collect the original team — the mammoth Manny, Sid sloth, saber toothed tiger Diego the "iron triangle", and squirrel cuite, weasel buck, Sid sloth grandma, also increased the role of Xianggeli and Brook, each role has started a new stage of life. Mammoth Manny and his wife, ETUDE’s daughter spent peaches)相关的主题文章:

Hunan’s first network red Festival Registration break thousands of 100 thousand cash prizes who fall pgd-426

Hunan, the first network red Festival Registration break thousands of 100 thousand cash prizes who spend the family of 1183 people! In October 28th 24, the first Hunan Jinhao cup network Reds Festival Organizing Committee will be the major entry recruitment channel is closed, after 10 days, a total of 1183 people involved in the application. Next, they will compete for the signing of Hunan anchor group or become Jinhao tea anchor officer opportunity, 10 Reds winning will divide 100 thousand cash prizes. Who will be the final winner, let us wait and see. The picture shows the players Angelic-Li 1183 people signed up, high quality network red competing ZILI @ Chen Yuyu is a fashion blogger, the number of fans on micro-blog with 100 thousand +, positioning itself as a world designer hand piece. In reality, her work is the design of a private custom clothing brand Changsha art director. Combined with their own industry, @ Chen Yuyu ZILI often live in a live broadcast platform on their own work, such as how to teach users how to choose clothing fabrics, select fit clothes, etc.. Chen Yuyu ZILI a lot of live, attracted tens of thousands of people to watch. Chen Yuyu ZILI believes that the network broadcast show is a form of self, but also the future trend, enroll in the first Hunan Jinhao cup network Reds Festival, she hopes to influence more people live by. As with @ Chen Yuyu ZILI, in the first Hunan Jin Hao to enroll in the cup network Reds Festival 1183 players, many of them are in their field a little famous anchor, they live through the platform to show their work in all aspects of life. A lot of players with hundreds of thousands of micro-blog fans, and some players although micro-blog fans number is not high, but in the broadcast platform is often ranked "head", should not be underestimated. According to organizers statistics, enrollment players, more than half concentrated in the province, where the majority of the players in Changsha. Due to the openness and great influence of micro-blog, the red festival also attracted a lot of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other coastal cities as well as Hebei, Jilin and other northern provinces players. From the age structure, the registration of players to 80, 90 young people accounted for the absolute dominance. Micro-blog, the amount of reading # Sina Hunan anchor group selection # topic has reached 6 million 680 thousand, reached 15 thousand on. Jin Hao Hunan cup first network Reds Festival first live release task. Theme lie + live PK, power network to develop Dani @ Hunan red vine baby eSports champion, runner up, or star network anchor of Hunan education television children’s show host "sister balls". Live has repeatedly boarded the Hunan hit the first. 28 afternoon, she received a mysterious gift from Jin Hao cup Hunan first network Reds Festival Organizing Committee sent equipment package, which includes cosmetics, tea oil, chili sauce, red net section stickers and other materials. "When I received a face Meng force, reading equipment package carefully, I know everything there is to live for." @ Dani vine said that the organizers of the preparations made her feel so sweet, he must prepare, with the best state to participate in the competition. Starting in October 29th, @ Chen Yuyu Z.相关的主题文章: